Leg Remover

This trick is mainly advised for wushu, but can be used in many other mods. were focusing on the wushu version right now:

Go into game rules and change dismemberthreshold to 50

Lower both Shoulders

Extend right Elbow and Wrist

Contract left pec, extend right pec

Right rotate Chest and Lumbar

Extend Abs

Extend left Hip

Press space (50 Frames)

Contract right Pec

Raise right Shoulder

Left rotate Chest

Contract left Hip

Contract right Knee

Press space (50 Frames)

Press C twice (Relax again)

Extend left Hip

Contract both Glutes

Contract right Hip

Extend right Knee

Extend right Pec

Lower right Shoulder

Contract right Elbow

Contract right Wrist

Press Space (50 Frames)

And youre done! If you preformed it correctly the uke will lose both legs and a glute. In multiplayer, you will have to tweak the trick a bit to remove a leg or preform a low decap. Have fun with this new trick!

--PS. the source i found this trick is a toribash video by adni0917,so give credit to him.