aikido.tbm: This mod involves a square dojo, and encourages players to push the opponent out of the ring to get a disqualification.

greykido.tbm: A mod that is almost perfectly identitcal to aikido, but with one catch: squares around the edge of the arena to protect from out of ring disqualifications.

judo.tbm: This mod has lengthy turns, encouraging the player to push the opponent to the ground.

taekkyon.tbm: This mod is a fast-paced mod, encouraging the player to jump to their opponent.

GoldPeople.tbm: This mod is just like the mod you see when you boot up the game (classic), but you can break the opponent's limbs faster.

twinswords2.tbm: This mod turns your hands into swords. This mod is entertaining for cutting people (and yourself), and good for creative replays.

taekwondo.tbm: (I (TheWhiteLord5/XTheLinker/TheEnderCavalier) haven't played around with this mod much. I will kill myself.)