15K Head KickAbsAikido
AnkleArm BreakerBASED HAMPA
Backflip DecapBackflip decap easyBasic Head and Arm Removal
BeltsBody BreakerBody Breaker (Move)
Body smasherChestClassic mode head decap
ComebacksDouble Arm RemoverDouble Leg Dismemberment
Easy arm ripperElbowFast Head Decap
Frontflip Tae Kwon Do Limb KickGluteHead Ripper
Head breakerHead stealHigh Science Kick
Hotkeys and Other Key CommandsJointsKnee
Krono Kick (Move)Leap Cross DecapLeg Remover
List Of Mods in ToribashLumbarManual
ModMovingMrJingles (replay maker)
Multiplayer ModsMushu KicksMushu Move for Beginners
NeckNoob Clap Arm MutilationNoob Clap Arm Mutilator
Scythe swordsfixed4 moveShoulderShovel
Side helicopter kickSnap AttackSparring
Standard KickTCTaekwondo abs snap
The Arm Rip FrontflipThe Basic Wushu KickThe Body Breaker Clap
Toribash MovesToribash Moves EasyToribash Wiki
Toribash moves listToricreditsTurn Shoulder Rip (Judo Move)
TutorialTwinSwordWhat is Toribash?
WristWushu Helicopter (Heli) KickWushu airkick Decap
File:Arm Breaker.pngFile:Arm mutilator.pngFile:Backflip Decap.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Head and arms.pngFile:Joint.png
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Shoulder.pngFile:Standard kick.png
File:Toribash-Future-Fightin-1-icon.pngFile:Toribash - WubFile:Toribash 3.6 Violence Perfected
File:Toribash SWEXxELITE Brother of AgilityFile:Toribash logo.jpgFile:Torismash.png

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