The Toribash Menu

Italics in parentheses indicate the function.

  • Main Menu
    • Free Play (Singleplayer)
    • Multiplayer (As the name says)
      • Enter (Join a room)
      • New Room
    • Fight School (Learn new moves and how to operate the game)
    • Torishop (Buy cool things for your Tori)
      • Colors
      • Textures
      • Hair & Models
      • Subscriptions
      • Packs
      • Misc
      • Open Inventory
    • Setup (Configure the game, use mods, watch your replays, etc.)
      • Options
      • Mods
      • Utils
      • Replays
      • Game Rules
      • Login
    • Buy Toricredits (Buy money for the Torishop)
    • Quit (Leave the game)

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