The Basic Wushu Kick:

start with relaxed body (DO NOT PRESS C!!!)

1 lower left shoulder 2 extend left pecs 3 contract right pecs 4 contract right elbow 5 left rotate chest 6 left bend lumbar 7 contract abs 8 contract left glute 9 extend right glute 10 contract left hip 11 contract left knee 12 contract right knee 13 Space (50 frames)

14 extend abs 15 extend left wrist 16 extend left elbow 17 raise left shoulder 18 contract left pecs 19 extend right pecs 20 right rotate chest 21 right bend lumbar 22 extend left hip 23 hold left knee 24 extend right knee 25 extend right ankle

26 Space(50 frames)

(if needed, contract right glute and extend right hip, this will lower your leg if you are going to go over target)