Throws are a high-level move in toribash. It is rarely done outside aikido and wrestling mods. It's similar to a suplex, but the focus isn't to lift the opponent out of the ring, but rather get him off balance and push him to the floor with great force. It's seen as good manners to throw inside the ring.

The principle behind a throw is similar to that of a lever - the further you can get your legs behind your opponent, the more force you will have in your throw. It's done by lifting an opponent of the ground and tipping him over in a suplex-like motion. You need good control of arms and groundwork to pull it off.

Different kinds of throwsEdit

There's two defined throw types in Toribash. The half-throw (or semi throw) and the full-throw. As described by a well known player:

Originally Posted by snake

"to check if throw is full or not you need to see if your torso made a full turn
semi throw when you pull opponent and pin him on the side and he face same direction as you
full throw is when your opponent face opposite direction. more like 69 ;)
full_throw.rplthis is the difference between full and semi (half) throw
full throw when one arm is up and another is down, then you rotate to another side and change arms, in the end you and opponent face each other in 69 manner ;) full_throw_orthodox.rpl

very rough idea of what it is
change arms and full torso turn"

There is also shoulder throws, where the player turns his back against his opponent and tips him over.


Bushido - An organisation which promotes the art of throwing.

Bushido demo (video):

Example replays: (by Bushido members)

Harai Goshi .rpl Tsurikomi Goshi.rpl quick_neckfrac.rpl sw_quick.rpl aikido_over_back.rpl common throw.rpl 2_throws.rpl
aikidp7.rplquickthrow.rpl Holotor_vs_Totality-54298_66804.rpl 9-9-12 (1).rpl throwwil.rpl