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Backflip (10 frame turns)

1. Contract both knees

2. Press space 2x (20 frames)

2. Raise Both Shoulders, and contract Both Pectorals

3. Press space 2x (20 frames)

4. Press C

5. Press space 1x (10 Frames)

6. Extend both knees

7. Press space 1x (10 Frames)

8. Lower both shoulders

9. Press P

 Three piece tear (10 frame turns)

1. Press C

2. Contract both knees

3. Press space 1x (10 Frames)

4. Extend both knees, contract both hips, and contract both pecs.

5. Press space 2x (20 frames)

6. Press V

7. Space 1x (10 frames)

8. Raise both shoulders

9. Space 1x (10 frames)

10. Lower both shoulders

Headless and armless Kick (10 frame turns)

1. Press C

2. Raise both shoulders

3. Contract both pecs

4. Space x2 (20 frames)

5. Grippy hands

6. Lower both shoulders, contract both hips, extend both glutes,

contract both knees, and extend both ankles.

7. Space x3 (30 frames)

8. Extend both knees

Leg Breaker Kick (10 frame turns)

1. Press C

2. Extend both ankles, and contract left or right knee.

3. Space x4 (40 frames)

4. Extend the knee you chose before, and contract hips

The Arm Breaker

1. Contract both pecs, grab both hands, extend both glutes, right

rotating chest, right bending lumbar, contract left knee, and

extend right knee.

The Disarm Attack

1. Contract both pecs, grab hands, right rotating chest, right

bending lumbar

The Body Breaker (10 frame turns)

1. Press C

2. Press V

3. contract both pecs, and raise both shoulders

4. Space 1x (10 frames)

5. Lower both shoulders

6. Space 2x (20 frames)

7. Contract both hips, extend both knees, and contract both ankles

8. Space 1x (10 frames)

9. Raise both shoulders

10. Space 3x (30 frames)

11. Lower both shoulders

Fast Handbreak

1.Press C Contract the Left Elbow and Left Pecs Extend the Right Pecs and Both Hips Move both the Chest and the Lumbar to the Right

Note: This move requires at least 25 frames to connect

The Head Basher - Forced Blowjob (10 frame turns) 1. Hold ALL (press c) 2. Contract both pecs and raise shoulders 3. Space 2x (20 frames) 4. Lower Shoulders 5. Grab Both Hands 6. Contract Hips And knees 7. Extend Ankles 8. Space 2x (20 frames) 9. Extend Knees

Three Piece Tear (10 frame turns)

1. Contract Both Knees and end turn 2 times

2. Raise Both Shoulders,Contract Both Pecs And End Turn 2 times

3. Press C then end turn.

4. Extend Both Knees And End Turn

5. Lower both shoulders,Grab with Both Hands Then End Turn 2 times

6. Contract both hips and end turn 2 times

7. Contract both knees and end turn 3 times

8. Extend Both Pecs,Raise Both Shoulders and end turn

9. Extend Both Elbows,Release Both Hands And End Turn.

The Right Hook Clap (10 frame turns)

    Hold all     Contract both pecs     Grab both hands     Right rotate chest     Right bend lumbar     Extend left hip     Space

Easy Head Remover (10 frame turns)

    Press c     Contract left pec and elbow, hold left hand     Press space 2x(20 frames)     Contract right pec and elbow     Press Space 1x (10 frames)     Hold right hand and right bend lumbar

Moderate Moves The Double Disarm (10 frame turns)

1. Lower left shoulder and raise right shoulder

2. Press space one time

3. Contract both pecs, raise left shoulder, lower right shoulder,

and press v

4. Press P and look at just how brutally you murdered a man

The Arm Ripper (10 frame turns)

1. Press C

2. Contract both pecs, contract both hips, contract both ankles,

contract both knees, grab with hands,

3. End turn twice.

3. Extend Knees, Extend Hips, Extend Ankles,

4. End turn 4 times.

5. Raise both shoulders.

6. Press P.

Easy High Point Jump Kick (10 frame turns; engage dist req.)

Contract both knees

Extend both ankles

Space X3

Extend Both knees

Contract both ankles

Head Kick

Engage Distance Must be 200 <---- IMPORTANT

Hold all (C)

Raise shoulders (Both)

Contract left pec

Extend right pec

Right rotate chest

Right bend lumbar

Contract abs

Extend glutes (Both)

Extend left hip

Contract right hip

Contract knees (Both)

Extend ankles (Both)

Space x4 (Frame 460)

(The knee should be at Uke's head)

Extend left knee (The knee that is at Uke's head)

Space x1

Body Breaker (10 frame turns)

Press C

Extend Both Ankles

Press Space (10 frames)

Contract Both Pecs

Grab With Both Hands

Press Space (10 frames)

Contract Both Hips

Press Space (20 frames)

Contract Both Knees

Lower Both Shoulders

Press Space (20 frames)

Extend Both Knees

Press Space (10 frames)

Kick Ripper

Contract both hips

Extend both knees

Extend both ankles

Contract the pecs

Raise shoulders

Use grippy hands

Contract abs and neck


Lower shoulders


Contract knees


Extend knees and hips, if done correctly you should have ripped the

upper body off of the pelvis and the legs should fly away.

Leg Dismantler

Press C

Contract Left and Right Hips, Knees, and Ankles

Press Space x10

Extend Knees

Press P

Disarming Kick (10-Frame-Turns)


Press C

Extend Both Hips

Contract Both Knees

Extend Both Ankles

Press Space 6x

Extend Both Knees

Press P

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