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Toribash is a Unique third-person fighting simulator, where players must utilize their different joints by extending contracting lowering or raising them to either disqualify, dismember, or win by having the most points when the turn frames are zero. Toribash is not your traditional turn based fighting game, each player moves their joints at the same time as a timer ticks by. (some game modes utilising the timer to make amount of time that never reaches zero) Once the timer hits zero(or when both players hit space) the game will move a preset amount of frames this occors until the set amount of frames are uses also with similar name is toy bash a object show on lazer

There are a variety of modifications that come pre-loaded on the game that change how the game is played. Various mods include a mode in which players simply get the most points to win, parkour courses that get players to navigate a difficult course and get to the end, modifications that change how the players move or appear, and there's mods that add weaponry or are just pure odd. You can also alter a mod.(modification) by changing the gamerules.(such as gravity, engage distance, disqualification, etc...) Toribash there are replays that you can make and re-watch and certain mods are dedicated to these replay making.

notes: update threads frequently, try to contact maker thats all. -chimmy12 and whoever made the past version of this


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