• Jakassme

    -jakassme- moves 4 noobs

    October 19, 2012 by Jakassme

    (hit space after every number)
    i have good moves i made up for noobs and here they are {pics will be added}

    2:raise both shoulders extend both feet
    3:contract both hips and contract both knees
    4:extend hips
    5:extend knees
    6:when your head breaks hit c
    7:contract knees
    8:hit space once
    9:extend knees and click both your hips once

    will not add there a secert :P

    1:extend feet,,, contract hips,,, and grip hands
    2 do something XD

    you need to damage him before you jump or during
    1:extend feet ,raise shoulders , grip hands

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